Virtual_Void ::

Virtual Void was a virtual reality system installation exhibited at gallery 5, San Jose State University, November 4-7 1996.
The system consisted of two parts, which functioned as two distinct elements in the installation:

1. an interactive immersive environment where one person at the time from the audience was immersed. When the system started up one room with a door on each wall existed. When the immersant opened a door a new room was created. A random process decided the number of doors in the new room. The rooms that had been created remained the same for the duration of the exhibition.
2. a process mapping the information created by the user's navigation through the environment. Each room created, and the immersant's current position was represented on "the map", which was projected on the wall next to the immersant. Every time a room was visited its representation on "the map" got darker. The system was running the whole week of the exhibition, and "the map" was constantly evolving as a result of the different users' navigation.
Lisa Jevbratt