7D Reading 1: Software

7D Reading 1: Software

Due Wednesday Jan 19/Thursday Jan 20

Identify a specific idea put forth in each of the required text and one of the texts from the "select one" list. Find an artwork, new/digital media or traditional media, not mentioned in the readings that you think exemplifies the idea in an interesting way. Look in books or on the web by searching in a searchengine for things like "interactive art", "database art", or search on sites listed under resources on the 7D homepage. Write a paragraph describing each of the artworks /ideas and how they are related. Make an html page with the four paragraphs. Link to the page from your 7D homepage.

Required texts:

1. Erkki Huhtamo "Trouble at the Interface or the Identity Crisis of Interactive Art" (2004)

2. Lev Manovich "Database as Symbolic Form" (1999)

3. Florian Cramer "Concepts, Notations, Software, Art" (2002)

+ select one of these texts:

1. Casey Reas "Software Structures" (2004)

2. Excerpts from Ursula Meyer Conceptual Art (1972)

3. Marga Bijovoet Hans Haacke: Systems Artist (excerpt from Art as Inquiry)(1997)

4. Janet Zweig "Ars Combinatoria: Mystical Systems, Procedural Art, and the Computer" (1997)

5. Marvin Minsky, Excerpts from Society of Mind (1988)
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