7D Project 1: Software

7D Project 1: Software

Due Wednesday Jan 26/Thursday Jan 27

Select one of the project ideas below. The project can be realized in any medium. Whatever medium the project is made in, it should be documented on a web page,including a description and some kind of visual documentation. Link the page from your homepage.

Code (Instruction)

Create a set of rules/instructions. Use the set of rules/instructions to generate three separate manifestations in one or several mediums (could be anything: drawing, sculpture, performance, webpage, painting). Or exchange your rule system with another students and use each other's rules.

Related Texts: Florian Cramer "Concepts, Notations, Software, Art" (2002) Casey Reas "Software Structures" (2004) Janet Zweig "Ars Combinatoria: Mystical Systems, Procedural Art, and the Computer" (1997) Excerpts from Ursula Meyer Conceptual Art (1972)

Interactivity (Participation)

Make a project in which the content of the artwork is the behavior of the viewer (while engaging with the artwork). Your project should entice and enable the viewer to behave in a non-ordinary way. Or your project could make the viewer aware of their ordinary behavior.

Related Texts: Erkki Huhtamo "Trouble at the Interface or the Identity Crisis of Interactive Art" (2004), and Lev Manovich "Database as Symbolic Form" (1999)

Database (Collection/Categorization)

Make a collection of at least 15 objects of any kind (could be physical objects or virtual objects such as digital images or sounds). Create a classification system - a way of categorizing your objects - that makes the viewer think about the objects in ways they would normally not think about them the. Come up with a way of displaying your objects according to your categorization system. (Might include making custom made shelves, scanning, making web pages etc)

Related Text: Lev Manovich "Database as Symbolic Form" (1999)
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