Intro Exercise
A. Sign up for web account with uweb. Make a homepage specifically for 7D. The homepage will be used to post descriptions of your projects and your reading assignments.

B. Read all the readings listed under "History". Select an artwork, art show, artist, or a new technology mentioned in the readings that you think relates in one way or another (conceptually, aesthetically, poetically etc) to some artwork that you have made (in any medium). Make a webpage containing two images: one of your artwork and one representing the chosen artwork/artist/technology. The images you use can be scanned images, images downloaded from the web and/or digital photographs. Write a couple of paragraphs statement describing how your artwork relates to the chosen artwork/artist/technology. No explanation is too far fetched. Play with it! Link to the webpage from your homepage.

The goal of the assignment is to give you experience with making a basic web page and to contextualize some of your own art practice within the context of computer, Internet and technological art history.
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