ARTS 122
Upside Down?
John Snow's Famous Cholera Epidemic Map (1855)
Maps of the 2008 US presidential election results

Google Earth/Satellite Images

How astronauts went to the Moon and ended up discovering planet Earth. Photos of Earthrise from Apollo 8 changed the way we look at the world

Giant Soviet Signs

Lisa Parks, "Earth-Browsing: Satellite Images, Global Events and Visual Literacy"

Threats and responses: security council: Powell, in U.N. speech, presents case to show Iraq has not disarmed ( Powell's slides)
Proof at any cost has made truth a casualty of the crisis
Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels
Google erases British bases in Iraq: Terrorists planned attacks using Google Earth, Army says

show */ uncover */ reveal *

Isolated tribe in the Amazon "found" with Google Earth
With the Help of GPS, Amazonian Tribes Reclaim the Rain Forest

Help Find Steve Fossett with Google Earth

UFO on satellite image
The Moon is constructed, life on Mars..

Historical Comparisons
Satellite-Photo Atlas Uses Digital Globe to Show Eco Damage
What are all those white cars about? (KML)
New Orleans now and then (KML)

Censored locations
Censored locations in Holland
Censored location in Sweden
Vice President Residence (KML)
Multiple Locations
Multiple Locations
Top secret, in plain view Google Earth may blur the image, but others don't