Project 2

Make a program that get data from a web site and make an interesting visual and/or conceptual representation of that data. Link to the program from your home page. You can use your exercise 2 program as a starting point if you want to.

Find a page with some data/information that you think is interesting. It could for example be scientific data about weather, tsunamis, and earthquakes, news from different places in the world, personal blogs, UFO or meteorite sightings, whale and turtle tracking, gas prices, world population,stock market data, river water flow or sports results. Any data that is in some text format such as html, txt, csv, ascii, xml, rss, can be used. Data that is represented/embedded in images can not be used.

To find data use a search engine and search for what you are interested in. The following terms can be useful to search for: 'data', 'current', 'online' 'real time'. If you use google you can search for specific filetypes for example 'weather california filetype:txt' or 'sport results filetype:xml'.

You can find some sites here.