ARTS 102
Project 1

Make two perl programs that produce two very different results visually/conceptually.
The programs should be triggered from the web and produce interesting html and css.

You have to use:
the print and random functions
scalars and arrays
the for loop

Don't merely copy my scripts. You can copy parts from them, but try to change them substantially. Try to really understand what loops, arrays etc are and can be used for. Be creative and make something you think looks interesting. You should be able to describe how at least one of your program works.

Make a folder called project_1 in your folder, put your programs in it. Call them something like "project_1_a.cgi" and "project_1_b.cgi". Link to each of the programs from your homepage.

Have fun!

Examples of previous years projects: rowan_james, putman_sara, putman_sara, pepperman_katie, martinez_sarina, heintz_kimmie, leong_nicky, chase_andrea, Vargas_Alex, safley_michelle, safley_michelle, stapleton_lindsay, stapleton_lindsay, stapleton_lindsay, vong_terrenz, watkins_jessica, watkins_jessica, zucker_vanessa, depass_luke, choi_charles, choi_charles, moore_kristen, koyasako_kevin, szeto_silky, szeto_silky, satzinger_will, satzinger_will, vittoratos_geo