Midterm Project


Art is often shedding light on connections we didn't think of before, or didn't believe were significant. And sometimes it is making new connections where there were none before.

Make a project in Perl that create new, or highlight, unexpected or undervalued connections between things, beings, events, ideas, or emotions etc.
Your project should use data from the Web and it could also use forms to collect data from people. It can also save data to the server.

The project can be anything from an aesthetic/poetic contemplation to a precise political comment, in any case it should show the audience something new, or at least something they typically don't think about.

The project should be ambitious, you have a couple of weeks to execute it.

Spend time looking around for data that you think is interesting. It could for example be scientific data about weather, tsunamis, and earthquakes, news from different places in the world, personal blogs, UFO or meteorite sightings, whale and turtle tracking, gas prices, world population, stock market data, river water flow or sports results. Any data that is in some text format such as html, txt, csv, ascii, xml, rss, can be used.
Data that is represented/embedded in images cannot be used.

The proposal should:
a. Describe how your program works. i.e. it is getting y type of data from the site x.com and user input about z and then it takes the user input... illustrate with a drawing.
b. Describe the project from the users perspective. i.e. The user sees a web page that has a form on it. It asks the user to provide...then the user gets a page that says ...and if the user clicks on y they get z and if they click on t they get s... make a drawing outlining how the user will navigate through the project and how the pages will look.
c. List the URL of site(s) you are getting data from.
d. Describe how your project is interesting as art.
e. Describe what your project trying to communicate to the audience.
f. Make at least one explicit reference to one of the texts in the Reading Assignment.

The proposal should be written on a web page and linked to from your homepage.
Make a folder called midterm_project in the folder with your name, put all the files relating to the project in that folder. Link to the project from your homepage.

Some student projects from previous years:
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