Final Project

Make an art project that uses perl, data from web pages and/or web APIs and/or forms. The project should use some technical aspect that you have not used before. (It could for example be saving data to a file, forms, GD-the graphics library, APIs)
You can use your midterm project as a starting point, but if you do, you have to add an aspect to it that was not in the original proposal. (Unless your project was very complex to start with, ask Lisa)

The written proposal has to address/include the following:

A. How is the project interesting as art?
B. What is your project trying to communicate to an audience? What do you want them to think about feel do etc after interacting with your project.
C. A description of how your program works. i.e. it is getting y type of data from the site and user input about z and then it takes the user input...illustrate with a drawing.
D. A description the project from the users perspective. i.e. The user sees a web page that has a form on it. It asks the user to provide...then the user gets a page that says ...and if the user clicks on "y" they get "z" and if they click on "t" they get "s"... make a drawing outlining how the user will navigate through the project and how the pages will look.
E. A precise list of URLs that you will be getting data from (web pages or APIs)

The proposal should be written on a web page and linked to from your homepage.
Make a folder called final_project in the folder with your name, put all the files relating to the project in that folder. Link to the project from your homepage.