ARTS 102

Homepage assignment

Make an html page with your name on it. Use CSS to change colors and fonts of the text and background.

Uploading your file to the server:

If you are making it in BBedit/TextWrangler (Mac):
Go to: File->Save to SFTP server
Check SFTP
Click connect

If you are using JEdit (PC):
Go to: Plugins->FTP->Save to Secure FTP server

Put in the remote host name: (or you can use the IP address
username: art102
and the password I gave you.

Navigate to the art102/Sites/f_10 folder. In that folder make a folder named yourlastname_yourfirstname, all lower case. Save your html file to the folder, call it "home.html". This will be your home page for this class.
The url will be
If you have problems saving the file to the server, bring it to class on a flash drive.

(Don't spend a lot of time on designing this page during the quarter, you will need all your time on your projects.)