in The Limits Of Knowledge Exhibition, UCSB 2009
"Evidence (Days Following: Difference)" is an honest attempt to capture a ghost. These are photographs taken automatically every minute for five hours during a (haunted?) night, accompanied by images showing the difference between two sequential photographs. We can never know for sure what happened in the minute passing between one photograph and the next. We see differences, traces of activity. The TV is turned on, then off. The doll is moving. The cat is lingering. Even if we choose to believe that photographs objectively record events, there is a 59.7 second space in which the skeptic and the believer must join in doubt.

The smaller print on the top is a composite of all the differences in the large print. The smaller print on the bottom is a visualization of exif data about the images size, compression, color etc.

Inkjet prints 42" X 87" and 18" X 13.5"
For closeups click on the images.

Online interface to the images in the large print
Lisa Jevbratt