Natasha Lloyd, Student/Lifeguard (Dramatic Arts)
Pet: Dog
I am a 19yr old Dramatic Arts Major and have lived all over the world (my parents were missionaries). I would be most interested in dogs, tigers, and chimps for these projects, though oceanlife interests me as well! My two best friends are similar (one working at the SB Zoo and the other training wild life for films.) these two friends may help me in making unique contact with unusual species this quarter.


04/17/06 16:38:08 Reverse Fashion
  05/09/06 11:10:23 - More cancellations... :(
  05/30/06 11:35:57 - failure- perhaps a new beginning?
  06/22/06 12:17:17 - My Cat Paris

05/02/06 11:15:14 A Mediation of Meditation
  05/09/06 11:32:20 - First meeting a success!
  05/30/06 11:33:42 - a few more meetings, and I think he's got it
  06/22/06 12:01:15 - Preparing for the final
  06/22/06 12:09:42 - A Final Update

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