Laura Santizo, Student/Artist (UCSB)
Pet: Caterpillar
I am a student of art and psychology and UCSB. I particularly enjoy printmaking and sculpture. I think interspecies collaboration can be a great source of inspiration and growth. Working with other species opens up the possibilites for learning about different modes of existence and life cycles. I think it helps one become more aware and engage with the world around us.


06/09/13 21:21:55 Pot-belly prints

06/09/13 22:55:17 Making my cocoon

06/09/13 23:39:53 Starfish:The moving rock

Reflection: Animal Communication
Animal Communicator

Interspecies interaction with Santa Barbara wildlife

Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Jim Nollan
Saving Luna

Video: Art Made by Non-Human Animals
Captivating Collaboration: Artist Hubert Duprat Uses Insects to Create Golden Sc By Hubert Duprat

Website (Art): Art Made by Non-Human Animals
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