Cara Levine, Artist (MFA Sculpture CCA)
Pet: Dog
My dog, Pigeon, and I have been collaborating on art works for the last two years. It is something that came completely naturally to us. We live together, we spend tons of time together and we love playing and being creative. OR, I am looping him into a bigger picture/interest in my life. I am an artist, a sculptor, and as it is, anything of great significance in my life is sucked into the vacuum of my creative process and becomes a part of my work. I have a deep connection with my dog and a long and deep interest in language--I think this is where it all comes from. I speak multiple languages and have studied linguistics as well as a bit of neuroscience. I am always compelled to know more about communication--how do we do it? why is it so important? How is it successful? My work revolves around ideas of language, the body, and fantasy. I believe the threshold between the real and the fantasy is very subtle and slight, that each exist within the other and that art is a method to reveal that interwoven, interdependent existence. In my work I tend to illustrate something illusory or of fantasy but always reveal the "trick" that lies behind it. Similarly, my interest in the body is about threshold, normal and non, and relationships. How do we experience space? How do others (other species, people with disability) experience space differently? These questions fuel my research and investigation. I make work to ask more questions.