Kevin Saddi, College Student (UCSB)
Pet: Dog
Collaborating with animals sounds interesting because it is both dangerous (to a varying extent) as well as unpredictable. Including the natural factor into creating an artwork would be exciting as anything could happen and failure could even rise to success with a project (or vice versa). It would be a challenge to work with animals. My background is mainly just dabbling with the more traditional art and doing digital illustrations/painters & drawings on the side.


04/17/06 21:44:17 Concept & Location: Goleta Slough
  04/21/06 21:00:05 - Slough Adventures - "Curiouser and curiouser!"
  04/25/06 17:16:15 - Slough Adventures - "You lookin' at meh?"
  05/02/06 18:43:22 - "Recuriouser / Intruder?"
  05/18/06 22:09:24 - Slough Adventures: Conclusions and Connections
  05/23/06 15:18:03 - More Fun in the Sun

05/10/06 00:18:21 Sandprint Sculptures

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