Brandi Rose, Student (Art Studio)
Pet: Cat
I've always had a love for animals since my childhood. I have a close relationship with my extended family who had animals other than the typical dog and/or cat that I would always try to mimic in hopes of talking to them. If I was missing at family funtions one would normally find me alone petting/playing with a pet somewhere. The range of animals were: horses, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, hamsters, rabbits, a pot belly pig, and a hedgehog. I like to work with paint, sculpture, print, video, and mixed media.


04/25/06 01:14:42 A caw, crow, and some twigs
  04/27/06 15:31:08 - research
  04/27/06 15:53:27 - research
  06/05/06 13:41:45 - the evolution of a project idea

04/27/06 16:09:54 Living space decorated by birds
  05/09/06 23:52:12 - 1st attempt to make contact with crows
  05/11/06 17:21:55 - Materials left out after 2 days
  06/05/06 13:09:36 - furniture searching
  06/05/06 13:29:48 - Ottoman decorating with birds Day 1
  06/05/06 22:44:29 - Ottoman decorating, Day 2

Attention, Cows: Please Speak Into the Microphone

Comment on 'Current Progress' by carita

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