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Koko (the gorilla) paints
Related animals: Gorilla, Human

See the video clip where Koko doubts her abilities. Interesting how the human is kind of patronizing Koko by giving her positive feedback.

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Review by jamiea (05/02/06 08:37:48):
This website on Koko the Gorilla was interesting, yet seemed over-constructed. It left the viewer with questions as to the authenticity of the emotion displayed by Koko. It also made you wonder how many hours of footage was shot that wasn't used, and how often she paints things and gives them irrelevant titles, with less conventional use of color. I just think, if she's over 30, she must have made more than 6 or 7 pieces of artwork. I would like to see more of them, to give me a better understanding of HER understanding of art.