How To: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
How to find the inner artist in your very own pet
By laura hyatt (05/10/06 18:56:54)
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The concept of interspecies collaboration may at first seem quite daunting. The most succesful collaborations always occur between artists who share a connection or bond. This can most obviously hence be found in your pet, whatever the species. Beleive it or not, every animal, in the domesticated sense, has the ability to connect with humans on some level, this is why they have been chosen to be domesticated. One of the best breeds I have found in my experience is dogs. They are agile, alert and interested in stimulation. If you do not have a pet, there are other ways of forming a similar bond with a new animal cohort. These include the following:

1. Begin a process of close and frequent contact.
2. The deepest types of bond are those founded on a relationship of affection and respect. By showing affection and love and not treating the dog as an inferior being, the animal will become more trusting of you.
3. A very good time to begin a collaboration is during a dog's "sensitive period" which occurs between the age of 3 and 8 weeks.
4.A recognition of uniqueness in the animal through increased familiarity will forge an even deeper bond.
5. Most importantly positive reinforcement is a very good way of working with dogs as opposed to punishment.

Dogs are extremely willing participants and collaborators. It is first very important to find out what the individual dog's interests might be. This is soumething that can really only be gained after spending a large amount of time with the animal.

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