inside a dog and a bee
By Luis Alberto Velazquez (05/14/14 16:23:31)
Related animal: Dog

Today I tried Barbaraís technique of getting into an animalís body for a few minutes. This time it was my boss's dog Mulligan. He is a 7 year old teacup poodle living with two older people in their 80ís.
This experience was very stressing and a bit frustrating for me since Mulliganís life mostly evolves of sleeping over a pillow next to his guardian inside the house. It was very hard to focus and be present at that moment not taking in consideration his usual life style. I felt tired and frustrated of staring at the tv playing fox news all the time, but of course that was me being able to understand what was in tv. I also started feeling hot considering his long fluffy hair and the hot weather. I decided to go outside and try again with a different animal or insect.
I tried with a bee out at the garden at the lemon tree, this experience was a very different feeling since I felt a sense of freedom, it was very interesting to see the pistols of flowers up close as the bee flew from flower to flower. The fragrances of flowers became more intense and the small shapes of leaves and flowers became more appealing and seemed bigger.

I really enjoyed having Barbara in our class. I feel like it has influenced me on reminding myself to be more present wherever I might be.

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