Local Excursion Documentation 5/5
By Brianna Acuesta (05/14/14 07:49:22)
Related animal: Goat

At Coal Oil Point Reserve, we met the wonderful manager of the goats that are housed there. The goats proved to be even more wonderful, as there were kids that were ready to play no matter how young they were. My past experiences with goats has always been very plain; they seem to want to be petted and play, but their ultimate goal is food and sometimes they can be skittish and off-putting. At the Reserve, I was able to have a completely different experience with the goats. The kids were okay with being held and I loved holding them because they felt familiar, like soft puppies whose limbs stick out because they are floppy and comfortable the way they are. Through the cuteness of the kids, I began to view the older goats differently because I generally saw them as unattractive and too large. Now, seeing what they look like as babies reminds me that they too are young and still looking to play. I wish they kept the soft fur and the uncertain leg movements, but I suppose growing older means losing the soft hair and floppiness. I want to incorporate the goats somehow into my final project, however I'm struggling to come up with a creative and feasible way.

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