Encounter with crow.
By Luis Alberto Velazquez (04/26/14 22:03:22)
Related animal: Crow

I want to share what happened today while walking near the library in campus. A crow was trying to open a small plastic container. It would pick it up with it's beak, fly up about 20 feet and drop it. It used the same tactic about 4 times, hoping it would open or break, after a while the crow seemed exhausted but still determined to open the container.
I decided to get close to investigate. The crow flew to the nearest tree, probably cursing at me for taking the precious container. It was a small ranch dressing container. I opened it and carefully placed it on the grass and walked away, seconds later the crow flew back to it and started eating the dressing. I watched from far away and at some point the crow even looked at me. I have created art about crows in the past, but never had a connection (if I can call it that). I feel like we collaborated some how.
I watched this really cool documentary about how smart crows are here is the link

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