Birds Talking
By Andrew (06/10/13 19:37:15)
Related animals: Raven, Bald Eagle

Interspecies Collaboration Week 9

So I finally made it back to Big Bear to finish my project last weekend and the experiment didnít really go as well as I had imagined it would. I went to the zoo and played sounds of my previous animal recordings, but no one wanted to play ball. Many of the animals at the animal park were hiding in their enclosures for some reason. I spent the whole day there and got few results. Since the bald eagle sounds were the most frequent and most recognizable in my recordings, I decided to try those the most with the other species of animals. First I played the eagle sounds to the pack of wolves but all they did was watch me as they paced back and forward along the fence separating us. It was actually very ironic because two minutes after I put my computer away and stopped recording and playing the eagle noises the pack started howling. I couldnít tell whether it was because they were tricking me or if it was dinnertime. The wolves were who I was most excited about with this project, but unfortunately there were no recordings to go off of. This also happened with the owl, Huckleberry the three-legged bear, the badger, and a few other animals I played the recordings for. I did however receive some results from other species of birds in reaction to the eagle calls. The zoo has a pair of ravens that sometimes make the strangest noises. First hearing it you would never guess that it was from a bird; let alone a raven. I started playing back the audio on a loop and for about ten minutes the two ravens didnít even budge. After a little while though they began making strange chattering noises and sounds that almost sounded like someone kept burping. I had never heard something like that come from a bird before.

All of the pieces in the show were great. My favorites were Madiís pig portraits and Tessaís animal audio. The portraits were so up close and personal and although at first glance you would think theyíre ugly, but the pigs were actually very beautiful creatures.

My piece was a recording of the eagleís mixed with the reaction of the ravens. I had two different recordings of the ravens but for some reason one of them didnít work. My project had no visual aspects to it so I decided to post photos of the animals in which I recorded.

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