The reef and pig sanctuary
By Andrew (06/10/13 19:35:49)
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Interpecies Collaboration Week 7

Since I haven’t talked about them yet I would like to talk about our trips to the reef on campus and the pig sanctuary in Solvang. I had never been to the reef until our class field trip and I’m sad that I missed out on it this whole time. In the two hour touch tank/information session I learned a ton of weird and interesting facts about some of the species of water animals that were at the reef. The most interesting was the octopus. I knew they were smart animals, but I had no idea they were capable of doing some of the “tricks” that they can do. The fact that an octopus can fit through any space that’s the same size or bigger than its head is outrageous; especially taking into account how many arms an octopus has.

The pig sanctuary was better than I could have ever imagined. For some reason I thought they would all be in confined spaces and separated from each other, but it was the opposite. The pigs got to roam the grounds for the most part and only the mean ones were kept in other areas. The pigs had such character. Madison brought some snacks for the pigs that I started feeding them with and one actually began following me searching for more food. I stopped walking and sat down in the dirt hoping the pig would do the same. I wanted to get on the pigs level and see how it would react to me face to face. After trying to bite my nose off thinking it was food, the pig laid down next to me signaling for a stomach rub. I gave the pig a brief massage and it was instantly asleep. They were like little children that just wanted love, pieces of apple, and a stomach massage. I felt like I had connected with this pig because I took care of it for a little and for that the pig saw me as a friend and not food or an intruder like when we first arrived. When we were almost ready to leave something very strange happened. I was walking across the pig sanctuary to meet with the rest of the group and on the way I walked passed two pigs just standing around. I told them to come with me like I would to my dog and they both started walking a few feet behind me. They followed me all the way to the other side of the sanctuary and when we arrived at the group they parted ways. They somehow understood what I said or the hand gesture I gave them. It was awesome!

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