By Andrew (06/10/13 19:34:11)
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Interspecies Collaboration Week 5

Ayla always ran around jumping on people and eating anything she could get her teeth on. She constantly seemed happy and filled with so much life. It was impossible to spend more than five minutes with her without smiling. The only negative critique I have about her is that she would always sit on me thinking she was much smaller than she really was which hurt sometimes. Even that didnít bother me all that much though. I enjoyed every minute of every crammed car ride that I spent with her. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago while my mom was out of town on a business trip, the neighbors were watching her. Walking down the street at night with the neighbors, Ayla found something intriguing and forgetting to look both ways she sprinted across the street. A half a second later Ayla was gone. Hit by a truck gunning down the street all you could hear was silence. Ayla was my beautiful four-year old Bernese mountain dog whom I miss every day. She was my friend and we shared many great moments together. My fondest memory of her is when we went to the beach in Santa Monica over Thanksgiving weekend. I skated down to the beach with her (No need to hold her leash because she always held her own in her mouth and never left my side.) When we arrived at the beach I told her to go and she sprinted across the sand and leaped into the water. I stood on the shore watching her play in the waves. All of a sudden she stopped and walked out of the water onto the wet sand just clear of the shoreline. She sat looking at me further up the beach. She started snapping her mouth at me as if she was trying to talk. My mom and brother had taught her to do this when she was a puppy and now everyone thinks sheís trying to talk whenever she does it. I then run after her and she runs away from me wanting to start a game of tag. She jumps in the water wanting me to follow so I do. While swimming in the water Ayla begins to get tired with her wet fur weighing her down and so she starts to go under. She swims over to me and puts her front paws over my shoulders almost like a piggyback ride. I carry her out of the water and back onto the sand where she can finally catch her breath. Then I sat on the sand attempting to catch mine. All of a sudden I feel a big ball of wet fur land on my lap. Ayla jumped on me and curled up in a ball. I tried to move her but she didnít want to at all. She laid there without moving for almost an hour. It was nearly dark and freezing out by then but that didnít matter to either of us. I knew I couldnít talk to her like I could to my human friends, but we had a connection to where that didnít even matter. For that hour on the beach was all I needed to know how much she cared for me as well and that I was her best friend. Ayla was the greatest dog and friend that filled four years of my life with the utmost joy.

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