Story: Non-Ordinary and Metaphorical Collaborations with Animals
Lagoon Excursion
By Hector Medina (06/04/13 11:37:55)
Related animals: Racoon, Skunk, Frog, Rabbit

Going on the nature walk today was actually pretty interesting. It was nice to actually stop and notice what is in our backyards. I knew already of some of the animals that live in the lagoon, but I donít know about bunnies and amount of ladybugs. Usually there are many birds on the platform that extends into the lagoon, it was sad that there wasnít any today. There were some ducks though floating though so they were interesting to see. I knew there are skunks and raccoons. I guess it never occurred to me where they lived or hided during the day. I got a couple pictures of where they lived, or at least the opening to their burrows. Also I got some pictures of some paw prints on the mud. I canít say they were dogís the nail seemed really sharp like claws. Along the trail I also got a food recording of the frogs ribbetting away. Sounded like an orchestra. After branching away from the group Katie and I went up the hill to see if we could find some rabbits. Unfortunately we didnít see them, yet we did hear them tussling in the bushes. It was nice to actually take the time to see what UCSB campus has to offer other than book knowledge.

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