Cats of IV Continued (2)
By Madison Wanamaker (05/28/13 19:05:05)
Related animal: Cat

A very dramatic scene unfurled in Isla Vista this week. The cats settled year-long boarder disputes, and treaties were signed. At approximately 8:00 AM Saturday morning May 25th Sparkle Glitter Pants, Cheese Burger, and Cheese Cake fought over the backyard. Though the fight consisted mostly of hisses, low-pitched guttural noises, and scary angry cat poses, it was still very dramatic and enough to wake up many members of the house.
I awoke to a serious hiss that sounded like "FINISH HIM!!!" * answered by a loud roar-type-meow. I ran to the living room where two glass doors look out on the battlefield. What I saw was unlike anything I have ever seen... three cats in attack position, two outside and one in the living room. It is funny how we forget that we live with wild animals not to different from lions and tigers. I tried to take as many pictures as I could but the illusive Sparkle Glitter Pants ran when she caught sight of me.
Luckily no animals were injured in this soap opera type girl fight, the only question now is, is it over? And if so, who has won?

* "FINISH HIM!!!" reference from Fatality Mortal Combat

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