Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Saving Luna
By Laura Santizo (05/21/13 14:43:17)
Related animals: Orca, Whale

When watching the movie I really thought it was going to have a happy ending. There seemed to be enough people involved that they should be able to reach a creative and positive solution. Sadly, Luna didnít make it and I canít help but feel that the scientists and department of fisheries failed this creature horribly.
First of all, I donít understand why they couldnít employ someone to take care of Luna. The marine scientists that studied Orcaís knew about her social nature.Clearly all she needed was friendship, someone to play with and keep her company. Both the filmmaker and local who took the time to interact with Luna were able to keep her safe. It was only when left alone that her interactions became ďdangerous.Ē Luna was never trying to harm anyone she was merely seeking the physical contact and companionship she needed. Instead of providing her with a consistent caretaker, they actively ignored her and discouraged human interaction which I believe only served to make her more lonely and more likely to seek to the wrong entertainment.
Secondly we rarely get to interact with such large and powerful animals, I donít see why no one viewed this an opportunity to create a sanctuary for Luna. I think all the boats should not have been allowed to travel through this area unless they had protective cases on their motors. By simply requiring boats to take this precaution this tragedy could have been avoided. Luna could be still alive and maybe even reunited with other whales by now.
It is such a shame that these organizations couldnít work together to preserve Lunaís life. I think this story should serve to show us that we must be more sensitive to the personalities and needs of all species. We should take it upon ourselves to live a more harmonious life and share our resources with every animal around us.

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