Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Turtles and Ducks
By Sara Selmic (05/13/13 12:27:22)
Related animals: Mallard Duck, Turtle

The next time I went to see the ducks and turtles I brought them food. I brought cucumber pieces for the turtles, because this is what my friends with these types of turtles fed them and bread for the ducks. I first went to give the turtles their food, but soon realized only the large turtles would eat the cucumber pieces and a few small ones. I hung out with one turtle who didn't seem to mind I was sitting so close to it, the rest would jump into the water, but they were younger turtles. I then threw the turtles a little bit of bread and they were swarming around and fighting each other for it. They must have gotten used to people throwing bread into the pond I thought. Soon the ducks came over realizing I was throwing bread. They were rather vigorous and mean to the turtles, swimming over them to get to the bread. I shortly ran out of my food supply. I went to a different part of the pond to sit with the ducks again. A woman pointed out to me a mother with her ducklings and I sat and observed them for a long while. The ducklings had difficulty getting in and out of the water and would stay by their mother's side at all times. They even sat under her to sleep, it was so interesting.

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