Reflection: Animal Play Behavior
By Sara Selmic (05/13/13 12:26:11)
Related animal: Mallard Duck

I discovered this park with many ducks and turtles roaming and swimming around. The first time I went with an intention to interact with the animals for this class it was a little late in the afternoon so many of the ducks were going to sleep. I came up to them and just sat so I could watch them. I could tell they were a little frightened at first but they soon realized I meant them no harm. I sat and observed their lovely feathers and the way they slept was interesting because they turned their heads back to rest on their bodies, this caused them to look like fluffy, feathery hearts. The pond is packed with turtles, some large and some very tiny. There was one in particular that was probably the largest with two red stripes down its shell. I didn't get to do much with these animals, but I found it nice to just watch them behave in their own habitat.

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