Reflection: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
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By Caitlin Gallagher (05/01/13 15:23:45)
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In the first chapter Turkey Trot Nollman talks about how he had a difficult time finding a middle ground for his love of animals and music. When in Mexico Nollman reached a realization, instead of observing the animals and experimenting on them, we need to try to interact and communicate with the animals. The thing I found most interesting is what he says about the requirements of communication, “But it if it is truly to be considered communication, then it should also be based upon mutual respect. It must develop as an open-ended dialog where both participants have the equal power to direct the course and subject matter of the learning experience.” When interacting with animals I have something to gain from them and them from me instead of just observing I need to participate.

Chapter four talks about Interspecies Protocol, some species are dependent upon each other and have an understanding of the needs and habits of each other. It seems that humans have no regard for the interspecies protocol that other animals follow and this can lead to endangered species or extinction. I thought what Nollman said about protocol and symbiotic relationships was interesting, he asked, “do individual clown-fish and individual anemone also need to fine-tune their obviously symbiotic relationship to best but one another’s precise size, habitat, level of trust, and even personality? If this occurs, then protocol is the term for it.” In biology this relationship was referred to as symbiotic but if it is in fact protocol then it gives the anemone and clownfish a personality that may not simply be instinctual.

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