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Cats of IV Continued
By Madison Wanamaker (04/29/13 00:53:40)
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Continuing with my earlier research recording the local cats of Isla Vista, I have begun to photograph and record the time and day each cat comes to the house. Previously I had identified 6 cats who frequent the house in Isla Vista- Orange Kitty, Sparkle Glitter Pants, Baby Black Cat, Big Black Cat, Cheeseburger, and Cheesecake. Of the 6 I had photographs of 2, but was lucky enough to get to spend time with BBC on Friday and snapped some pictures.
BBC, like many of the other cats I have met here, is extremely wary of his/her surroundings. The majority of cats I personally have known exuded confidence around people. Maybe these house cats had never experienced life threatening situations, maybe they had no reason to distrust us. Either way a majority of the cats I have meet in Isla Vista appear to distrust humans, and I imagine it stems from a traumatic relationship with the rambunctious locals.
In an effort to try and "map" the physical and social goings-ons of the cat world of Isla Vista I will continue to photograph my encounters with local cats and record their relationships to the house and to each other.

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