Reflection: Animal Communication
Talking to Reese and Napping with Bees
By Tessa Tapscott (04/22/13 11:15:57)
Related animals: Bee, Horse, Human

I found Barbara Janelleís visit to be very inspiring and thought provoking. While I cannot say that I am true believer in such direct animal communication, I appreciate someone that recognizes that animals are conscious, sentient beings with voices that should be heard. My favorite part of the work shop was when we got to search out and connect with our own animals because I felt like I really did feel myself telepathically talking to them. The mediation exercises to get to the point to be able to do that were very helpful as well. I have been trying to set a side a quiet 15 minutes each day to connect with my horse, Reese, because whether or not I am actually speaking to him or if is all in my head, it is a very calming, centering practice that will only benefit me.
I have found that connecting to Reese is one of the fastest connections, I attribute that to the somewhat telepathic connect we utilize when we go riding together. I canít say that he has been telling me things that I do not already know or could guess at, but the thoughts come paired with a voice and images that do not seem to be my own. He makes jokes! Most recently when I was saying my goodbyes to him at the end of our session I told him that I miss and love him, to which he responded that he loves me too, but because his heart is physically so much larger than mine it means that he loves me more. Even when these interactions are over I do not feel that I can completely embrace the idea of direct animal communication, but there have been some interesting coincidences; for example, I received a text from the lady that rides Reese (who never sends me updates) saying how good he was that day, right after we began doing these communications. I thing he reason it is so hard for me to accept is because it seems so simple. If I learned this much in one session why could we not all be able to telepathically communicate with animals? If they are so free with their responses, would talking to them like this regularly solve many behavioral issues (both on the animal and the humanís part)?
While I enjoy talking to Reese, I did want to try to connect with some other creatures. I did not set out looking for those creatures and figured that they would just find me when they wanted to. And I was right. I searched for a bench on campus to take a break on and chose one only to realize it was already occupied by a small swarm of wood-boring bees. Usually, this sort of thing would make me quite uncomfortable and I would have gone to find a new bench, but with this class in mind I stayed put. I ended up laying down to take a nap. As I lay there, they the bees simply went on with their business, buzzing quite loudly and near to my head, but never seeming to be bothered by my presence. While I could not quite connect with one in the way I did with Reese, I felt enveloped in their noise and industry. I am enjoying this chance to face animals that I may have once cringed at, but now can view in a new light. Attached is a sad attempt to capture their buzzing.

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