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Cats of IV
By Madison Wanamaker (04/21/13 19:23:19)
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Since the beginning of the course I have tried to be more aware of the animals I meet each day. In doing so I have recently noticed that there is an ever growing number of cats that come by my house. I don't know if it is some kind of underground cat hang out or what, but the lives and travels of these cats become more and more interesting if you stop and take notice. At first it was just the orange cat, known as Orange Kitty, who later wore a collar bearing the name Adonus. Orange Kitty was always at the house and let everyone pet him. It was because of him that we started buying cat food and leaving water bowls out. Orange Kitty's arch rival is Sparkle Glitter Pants. Sparkle Glitter Pants is your typical princess cat, white and fluffy. The two hiss and fight every time they see one another. After a month or so of living here I meet the BBC or Baby Black Cat. The BBC is shy and almost never sits or lays down inside, she just eats and leaves... typical. There is another bigger black cat but we almost never see her and if we do we confuse it fir the BBC.
About a month ago we meet Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger is an obese calico who has adopted us. She loves being pet and hasn't really left since the first day she came over. Sometimes she sleeps in my room, it is so nice to have a cuddly cat around! I have formed the closest relationship with Cheeseburger. There is also Cheese Cake, a fluffy and less portly calico who also goes by Sparkle Burger because she looks like Sparkle Glitter Pant's and Cheeseburger's baby.
So all together there are 6 cats coming to eat and hang out at my house; Orange Kitty, Sparkle Glitter Pants, Baby Black Cat, Big Black Cat, Cheeseburger, and Cheesecake. I am really glad that there are cats around because I enjoy their company, but sometimes I worry that they might be at risk of being hit by a car or bothered by drunk people. So far all the cats seem happy to be free to roam. I am going to begin tracking the schedules of the cats to see if they come by at similar times each day, and if they have relationships with one another.

Cheese Cake/ Sparkle Burger



Orange Kitty
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Comment by caitling (06/09/13 23:00:48):
I love that you also have a relationship with the cats in Isla Vista, I also get visits from Cheesecake but she only comes in the house when Bubba isn't around because Bubba will try to fight them. It is difficult to tell if he is trying to fight or play with them, I think it usually starts out as playing but then he ends up getting too aggressive and then she runs away. The cats must know each other and have a relationship I have seen my cat play with the other ones, I bet they go on adventures together around Isla Vista. I have never see the BBC but she does look similar to m cat bubba. I appreciate that you leave food out for the cats, sometime I worry when I leave Bubba out over night but its comforting to know that he has food and water.