Story: Interspecies Communication
Interspecies Collab
By Sara Selmic (04/18/13 18:38:50)
Related animals: Human, Rabbit

Throughout my life I have always loved and respected animals. I learned of the injustice thrust upon non-human animals at a young age and became a vegetarian because of this. As I learned more and more about what humans were doing to non-human animals I decided to become vegan and no longer support any harm to these creatures. I have never been more happy or certain of a decision in my life. I am proud of this aspect of myself because I know I am trying my hardest to equalize the gap that has been created between humans and non-human animals.
In regards to communicating with non-human animals I am definitely aware of the different ways in which animals attempt to speak with us. These creatures have strong energies which they omit and through this life force they begin communication. We are so used to speaking with words, but animals connect on a deeper level that does not call for language. It is sort of like a feeling but not exactly, it's difficult for me to explain.
Ever since I was young I felt a deep bond with animals and assumed they spoke to us and that we too could speak with them. I wasn't sure how to go about this or if I was in fact speaking with them, but I definitely tried and probably assumed a lot. I look forward to further engaging with non-human animals and hopefully bridging the gaps that humans have created.
The closest I have ever been to a non-human animal was with my pet rabbit. I was in about 5th grade when I got him as a baby. I loved him dearly, but sadly he died tragically. I was very connected to him and we definitely had a deep bond. He greeted me like no one else and I was the only one to ever get licked by his tiny tongue. He lived a good life with our other rabbits which we let roam free in our backyard. I actually haven't had a pet since. Although I like having a companion around whom I can take care of, I also find it really weird to keep animals with you instead of letting them live free lives.

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