Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
First Reading Assignment
By Sara Selmic (04/18/13 17:55:33)
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The chapters that have been assigned from Jim Nollan's book have been very interesting and informative. In the first chapter his exploration with the turkey is very insightful. I like how he progresses from experimenting with the animal to simply playing his music with it. I'm glad that he got to make a song with the turkeys later on, but confused why he would let it become something that would be played during Thanksgiving. This is extremely wrong to me. I do however agree with what he said about how when people grow older they lose touch with nature. I can definitely see how this happens, especially because I feel like animals become less mysterious as we grow up. We know more and therefore assume much about animals. I think its good to maintain this curiosity about all animals, even things as small as ants or as creepy as spiders.
Nollan's interpretation of interspecies protocol is an interesting one. I find that humans and animals are so separate from one another to the point that they fear each other. I don't believe this is how we should be coexisting. I often find it difficult to interact with animals because they run away. For example, I was trying to admire some ducks that were in a fenced off pond, I came up to the fence and all the ducks resting on the bank either ran or swam away. I didn't get it, I couldn't even touch them, but I was just too close for their comfort. This was very disheartening as I just wanted to observe them doing their duck things, but because of humans they have encountered in the past them feared me too. Nollan touches on this when he talks about the bears in Canada that behave like they do because of humans who have consistently shot them on site. I understand that a bear is a frightful thing, but only because of some bear misconception that was created somewhere down the line. I am glad Nollan writes of these things and chooses to comment on why the language and attitude we have with animals must be positive and different than it is now in order for a change to occur. I'm hoping one day more people will think like this guy does.

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