Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Animal Communication Exercise
By Erik Shalat (04/17/13 00:50:31)
Related animal: Sea Lion

After sitting through the lecture from animal communicator Barbara Janell, I went out in search of an animal to try to break through the language barrier and communicate with. A few days later, I went jogging with my roommate. Unfortunately I didnít bring my phone with me because I find carrying it while iím running is too cumbersome. As we went walking back home along the beach, I saw a young sea lion cub sitting on the rocks. Immediately I sat down on the sand, closed my eyes, and tried to breath out through my legs. After a few minutes I could feel the lower half of my body slipping away, but I could not fully escape my full body with all my senses. I tried as hard as I could to put myself inside the sea lionsís body, thinking of all his joints as my own. For a brief moment it seemed as if I was looking at myself meditating on the beach as I was sitting upon the rocks. I think this was more of myself projecting thoughts into my own head than an actual metaphysical experience. I awoke from meditation and tried to make sense of what just happened. I looked at the cub a bit longer to try and sense something. I had the feeling that the sea lion thought of itself as imposing, liking the attention it was receiving from nearby surfers and people strolling along the beach. At the same time, I sensed that it did not want anyone to come too close. It just wanted to show off. I feel that these were just me trying to characterize the sea lion rather than honest explorations in animal communication. Still, it was the first time I saw a sea lion on that beach and it was an exciting experience.

I didn't take any pictures so the one i'm adding is a placeholder.

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