Reflection: Animal Communication
Barbara Janelle Response
By Jenny Roberts (04/14/13 20:28:45)
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'Animal communicators' have always been a topic of skepticism with myself. While I do believe humans and animals are completely able to communicate, and after watching the video as well as being part of Barbara's talk/workshop, I am still not sure what I think exactly so ill try to articulate as best I can:
- Firstly, I am still not completely convinced that an animal communicators are in fact able to communicate on a higher level than the average joe, however one thing for certain, is I in no way believe that they can without ever meeting the animal subject. Everyone can make assumptions based on behavioral and social clues. Just because you have studied animals to the degree that you can read behaviors and attribute perceived qualities to something, does not mean you have an ability to communicate with them in a "greater than" way
- That being said, after the workshop with Barbara I do in someways feel that I may have had some slight communication when she had us try to communicate with an animal. My brain chose my 12 year old Yorkie, Trinket who slept in my bed from ages(mine) 10 to 18, she is the Alpha dog, extremely jealous, not the best with small children or large feet, but the sweetest little thing to the people she loves. She is literally all bark and no bite these days as she has only 2 teeth left and her pretty little eyes have cataracts and is slowly loosing her sight and her tiny body is more frail than ever, but still she does her best to keep up with Kali, our three year old ball of energy. When Barbara instructed us to see through their eyes is when I felt a connection. I saw blurred grey images in my left eye any close to nothing in the other. I immediately felt my heart sink and thought "oh baby girl im so sorry will you be able to recognize me for long?" and then I felt or heard and saw a response. I saw my own silhouette and felt love as my head responded with "I'll always know my Jenny" which made me choke up instantly and want to drive the 4 hours to see her that instant! Luckily I was able to go home this weekend for the first time since New Years Eve and as I got out of the car to open the gate to our property I saw her running down the hill towards me. when I reached her she jumped around my legs so excited until I was able to pick her up holding her forward with one arm hugging her with the other supporting her. She then turned herself around in my arms to face me where she proceeded to switch from putting her paws on my chest licking my face to leaning back to look at me yelping ecstatically and dancing and waving her paws in excitement. It was the sweetest moment, it really was as if she was telling me 'oh my oh my! I heard you! you love me!' This may have just been a case of the times, but it was so so endearing I zm starting to think otherwise.
- So I'm not sure what I think completely, but I do think a telepathic like communication with animals is definitely possible. Animals can understand us in so many obvious ways its only fair that we try to do the same with them.

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