Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Animal Relations
By Jenny Roberts (04/14/13 19:45:22)
Related animals: Australian Shepherd, Bermuda Sheep, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Hamster, Horse, Human, Rabbit, Rat, Rooster, Stray Cat, Tortoise

To be honest when I showed up to the first day of this class I had no clue what this class was about, It fit into my schedule and I was hoping for the best. I was very intrigued in learning that the topic was interspecies communication however I was initially very worried, thinking, "Oh no, I don't have enough experience with animals!" my train of thought being in the formal sense. This, however, was quickly eliminated from my thoughts once we started talking about our history with animals. In my life my family and I have been fortunate enough to have through the years, 17 chickens, 9 cats, 8 dogs, 5 horses, 3 bermuda sheep, 3 tortoises, 4 guine pigs, 3 hamsters, 4 bunnies, 1 rooster, 1 rat, and far too many fish to count. Some have graced us with many years of companionship, other's time was more fleeting. The present count is 3 horses; 17 year old(owned for 15) arabian (Miss)Lily, and newly acquired tenesse walking horses Kahlua and Joy, 2 dogs 12 year old Yorkie(My Little) Trinket, and 3 yeah old Chihuahua/Deer mix (joking... we think possibly a rat terrier...or great dane) Kali, 2 bermuda female sheep Flopsie and Mopsie, I barnam chicken, Cutie, and the recently acquired and yet to be named (I vote Patootie) rooster. My housemate in Isla Vista also has 2 year old corgie mix, Sophie, who has more friends than anyone I know. The past year has been rough animal wise we lost our precious 11 year old yorkie Max(imus the General), 9 barnam chickens, 7 former cage chickens, and my wonderful 1 year old cat, who thought he was a dog, Catcher(aka Holden Clawfield) all to the coyote's that occupy the area near my parents house and well as our wonderful 19 year old Arabian/National Showhorse, Star('s Impression) to pnemonia. So that is essentially as short of an introduction I can possibly make to my past and present animals themselves. Growing up with so many well as a couple not so lovely specimens: evil attempted murderer Rambo guessed it, ram and Freckles, the seemingly nice stray that wanted to stay that way, I have always been a huge animal lover.
My mother, sister, and I were avet horsies when I was younger, my sister and I used to take lessons multiple times a week and showed western pleasure for a few years as well and my family were active members of the High Desert Arabian Horse Association until its dissolve. Though I still deeply love horses I rarely ride anymore after I had a personal revelation that I personally feel that riding another creature for sport is extremely weird. Horses have a large part in the lives of a few of my other family members, my mothers cousin and her husband have run Walking the Dog Ranch a Colorado based Tennessee Walker ranch and showing company. Another of my mother's cousin's was the first female jockey to ride three winner's in on day at Churchill Downs (yes, I'm very proud of my family).
I love animals...what can I say, I oftern feel they understand me much more than people and even myself.

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