Response to the Animal Communicator
By Natalie Croak (04/13/13 17:09:12)
Related animal: Dog

During the past two lectures we have been discussing the concept of animal communication. I had heard of the concept of dog whisperers before but I didn't really know the full scope of it. I had no idea that animal communicators believe that they can communicate with animals hundreds of miles away and even with ones that have passed away. I was skeptical of animal communicators because although I believe that animals can communicate with each other much better than we believe they can, I do not think that they can communicate with us in a way that we would be able to understand. Also if communicators are able to talk to animals telepathically, why are they not able to do the same with humans? It would seem that psychically communicating with individuals of your own species would be easier than interspecies communication. I think that animals are able to communicate with one another and with humans more through body language, sounds, and scent markings than with actual thoughts.
I wish that I'd asked the animal communicator more about talking to deceased pets because I'm curious to know if she believes that animals have their own form of heaven. She obviously believes that their spirit continues on after their death but I wonder what she thinks their souls are now doing.
I think that the most interesting part of the workshop was when she had us attempt to go inside of our own pets. I have a yellow lab named Wally who lives in the Bay Area with my parents so I tried to think of what my dog would be doing at that time and what he would be thinking about. My dog is lazy and spends most of the day sleeping on his bed in the living room so that wasn't very interesting to think about so I started thinking about the cats that I live with. I live in a co-op with four cats named Oliver, Gypsy, Agamemnon, and Jake. I decided to get inside of Jake's head because he is almost completely blind. I imagined what it would be like to climb on furniture and play with Agamemnon while only having cloudy vision. Most of the time Jake doesn't act like he's blind, though he seems more cautious than other cats when jumping on or off of furniture. It was an interesting exercise and it got me thinking about possibly doing a collaboration with Jake in the future.

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