Animal Attraction
By Sara Selmic (04/13/13 00:26:57)
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The film we watched was rather interesting and insightful. It was definitely a great way to start off this course. I didn't realize how involved people become with animal communication. These women had an entire farm of animals with whom they could interact and even speak with. In the beginning of the film I wasn't sure what to expect and if I was going to be convinced. As the film progressed it seemed as if there was a unique connection between the women and the animals of the farm. The movie really got interesting when one of the women left to London and could tell the horse what she had been doing who would then recite it to one of the other women. That was unreal if it wasn't staged. For one, she was communicating with the horse from miles away and then the woman who had stayed could understand what the horse told her. I just find all of this very surreal and interesting. It's also smart that they used it as a form of proof by not checking what she had done until after the horse had spoken.
Animal communication is an interesting topic. I hope that through our interactions and collaborations with animals that we may learn to communicate with them. I do believe its possible. Animals communicate with each other, and humans often forget that they too are animals, so I don't see why we all can't speak with one another. It might sound farfetched to some, but I find it inspiring and innovative. Hopefully in some future humans will realize the fact that we are all animals and everyone has a voice that should be heard. The non-human animals are not at fault, because they are surely trying to communicate with us, it is humans who choose to ignore this fact.

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