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Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication
By Jessica Oropesa (06/13/10 18:35:29)
Related animal: Dolphin

What I found to be most interesting about this reading was the many similarities that dolphins and humans possess, for example, their interaction with other dolphins and other species through play. Toni Frohoff mentions the mimicry that could be seen among dolphins and humans, through the sounds that they make to the behaviors that they mimic (swimming). The relationship of dolphin and humans have evolved throughout the years and we are still growing to understand them in order to cohabit on this earth. It's interesting how dolphins engage in "mischievous" play, as with the example that Frohoff gave about dolphins playing with an octopus. Although I might be anthropomorphizing, it seems as if the dolphins have a sense of humor. Frohoff also stated that she studied and dissected footage of the "play" occurring among the dolphins but found no significant correlations in her data. She says, "Perhaps that is what i get for trying to make serious sense out of something that could well be just plain fun." I also found it interesting that dolphins have used sexual behavior toward people, providing insight into how sexual behavior serves as a form of social interaction. Perhaps dolphins have a lot more in common with us than we think.

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