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Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication
By Mark Linggi (06/13/10 18:18:37)
Related animal: Dolphin

I found it interesting and exciting how much we were able to talk with Toni who helped to coauthor this book. Her knowledge of dolphins was exceedingly exceptional, and her stories were pretty inspiring. It is clear from meeting her, as well as the chapters that we read, that she has a different perception of dolphins. She gives them an unique perspective that twists the whole inferiority complex to a more mutually respectful relationship. Much of this outlook towards a different species is a trait that I highly respect in an individual. I appreciated the wealth of knowledge that Toni communicated in class and in the book, but I felt more proud of her high respect. Its just sometimes good to know that other people look at animals the same way that you do.

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