Dophin Trip
By Martin C. Shaver (06/13/10 13:26:12)
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some pictures from the dolphin trip

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Comment by martincs (06/13/10 13:41:38):
These were some pictures i captured from the dolphin trip on the Condor Express. The trip was a great experience from start to finish. However, we did encounter a sad scenario at the very beginning before we loaded onto the boat. There was a very sick or dying seal over by where we were sitting and preparing for the boat ride. It posed as a large distraction because of how sad it was to realize the circle of life that was overshadowed by our excitement of being able to experience a mass amount of dolphins. When we left to harbor and sailed out into the ocean we came across a plethora of pelicans on what looked like a pontoon boat. I snapped a few pictures of this because of the incredible number of birds hanging out on this seemingly abandoned looking boat. We then sailed out into the ocean and came across a few seals along the way swimming around curious to see who was barreling through their waters. after a good 40 to 50 minute ride towards the channel islands, we finally found our beloved dolphins in mass numbers; to what i've been told was around 2 to even 3 thousand dolphins. we attempted a series of maneuvers with the boat and some collaboration with our fellow students, but the dolphins seemed to be more interested in our wake. they cruised along for the free ride, and as simple as it may seem, it was indeed incredible. they jumped and darted through the water and alongside our boat. they seemed happy to have us their and the excitement was clear on the faces of all of us to experience these amazing creatures.