Reflection: Speciesism and Animal Rights
How To Train Your Dragon
By Fey Cha (06/09/10 20:37:59)
Related animal: Dragon

I recently watched the DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon. Spoiler alert! I was su rprised at how much the moral of the story related to many of the subjects we have talked about in class. It stars a teenager of a Viking tribe that is constantly having problems with the local dragons. The main character feels like an outcast because nobody in the village thinks he has what it takes to be a dragon hunter. The fact that heís a klutz doesnít help with his situation. He eventually discovers an injured dragon in a nearby forest and instead of killing it he decides to help it out. The dragon befriends him and he gains the dragonís trust. Through tending to the dragonís needs the main character eventually learns how dragons really are. He discovers very useful information about the dragons. By using this newly found knowledge he uses bravery and brains up against the dragons instead of brute strength and big weapons.
The movieís overall message tells us that we can learn so much from simply creating a relationship with another species. It is true that we have gotten to the point where we simply accept everything that scientists have told us about animals. We are so filled with assumptions that we think we actually know these animals are a certain way. But just like people, animals are all different. They each have different personalities and a sense of life. If we took the time to try and understand a species we could learn something new about them that could be completely different from what the scientists have discovered. This could lead to us not being so pretentious and lead us to becoming more open-minded therefore allowing us to become closer to the other species and learn how to live on this world with them.

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