Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
By Sarina Martinez (06/09/10 13:22:57)
Related animal: Dog

When I look back on this quarter I've realized that Hallow has made a great deal of improvement. Day to day the improvement is hard to see but when I think about her 3 months ago and about her now there are drastic differences.

Aside from the several day spell of rebellion she raged against me her behavior and improved. She is very obedient now and listens all the time, not just when she fells like it. She's come to understand the give/take relationship and us working together. She now knows that if she listens and behaves she will receive what she wants. If I follow through with what she expects to get she will continue to listen. It has definitely become more of a collaborative relationship, working together to create a more harmonious life.

3 months ago when people asked me about my dog I simply said she's more like a cat. She sleeps a lot, doesn't really like to play. But now I can say my dog is a dog, and a pretty funny one at that. She has developed her own personality and is now doing "dog" things.

I believe that if it wasn't for this class her progress may have taken much longer or maybe not have happened at all. This class made me think of animals as equals and not as entertainment for me. This change in perception has allowed me to rethink my interaction with my dog as well as other animals.

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