Other: Interspecies Relationships
Grizzly Encounters
By Jessica Oropesa (06/09/10 02:19:54)
Related animals: Bear, Human

Watching the two films, "Walking with Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia" and "Grizzly Man", and reading the text by Timothy Treadwell reminded me of the wild and how we, as humans, must tread lightly in territory that is not our own. In each of the films, humans are shown interacting with bears in different ways. Grizzly bears seem to have a bad reputation of being dangerous and unpredictable, which has given man the permission to hunt and kill these magnificent creatures. Treadwell made an interesting statement in his article, stating that, "an animal, running away with fear, has become synonymous with our idea of wild". He also claimed that it isn't the bears who shouldn't be trusted, it is us. From the bear's perspective, humans are probably the most unpredictable animals they have ever encountered. They have experienced each side of the spectrum, from peaceful, bear-loving couples to murdering poachers. It must be so much more confusing on the bear's end of the line.

It is difficult for me to think about what is right or wrong in any of these sources. Questions arise like: Would we be better off staying clear of each other's presence? Or should we spend more time with them in order to better understand them so that we will be able to live as cohabitants of this world?

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