Reflection: Art Made for Non-Human Animals
Chapter 10
By Mark Linggi (06/07/10 18:33:05)
Related animal: Dolphin

Chapter 10 reminds me a lot about the lecture that Jim Nollman gave. Well parts of it at least. While he was describing the sounds that he used to project underwater, I couldn't help but hear the same guitar rifts in my mind. It was as if the noises that he described in his book triggered the memory of his lecture in my mind.

I also felt bad for the dolphins caught within the tuna traps. To simply exploit technology and catch dolphins as a byproduct just cause it is easier to get the tuna is wrong. It reminds me of a book that my friend lent to me called "Eating Animals." Although I haven't completed (or really started for that matter), I have heard that the book is about the unjust happenings that are occurring within the mass consumption of meat. For example, the inhospitable conditions that chickens are under is simply monstrous. Like farm animals, if things have not changed for the accidental fishing of dolphins, I believe that things should change.

I also thought that Nollman's concept of Gaia, how we are all connected, was particularly interesting as well. I really did enjoy how he tied in the whole gene sequence into it as well, how we are all made up of the same molecular components in the end.

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