Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Dolphin trip with Toni (Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking Secrets of Communication)
By Jennifer Lee Lin (06/07/10 10:24:17)
Related animal: Dolphin

It was beautiful! so so so so beautiful. I have never seen dolphins so close. the first time i had seen them swimming near the boat was the santa cruz field trip, but this trip was special if only because of the massive number of dolphins.

Unfortunately i brought a different and older camera so the pictures came up strange and the video is of poor quality.

It was such an experience. even though most of the dolphins ignored us, i think many responded to us. many dolphins jumped higher than others, and watching them swim so fast when we sped up was so fun and touched my heart. they were so alone and away from santa barbara and the isla vista that i knew that i felt as if i was somewhere else. I could almost imagine this was before urbanization ( except for the modernized boat) and that this was something new between dolphins and humans.

I tried waving a brown cloth around, then just kept whooping and singing and banging sticks together. i hope they enjoyed it

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