grizzlys and men
By Jennifer Lee Lin (06/07/10 09:48:33)
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We watched two movies dealing with grizzlies and how people try to interact with them. the first (the title which i forgot) was two scientists in a very remote part of Russia who worked with bears at a very sensitive distance. What i liked about their interactions is that while the scientists obviously wished to be close with them and have a deep understanding with the bears, they respected the bear's distance and tried not to interfere and invade their lives.

I found their interactions with the 3 cubs very extraordinary and worthy of great respect. they found ways to teach the orphans survival skills without having too much possible negative human influence, and the cubs learned so much on their own. I liked that while the cubs were very independent, they still formed a kind of relationship with the scientists. there was a good kind of balance that i think timothy treadwell lacked.

I like timonthy treadwell all the same. Although i think he went to far in trying to touch and interact with the bears, i think he had the best intentions. I think the director portrayed him in a very strange and somewhat critical light. Though timothy was not a normal person (especially being alone for so long in such a remote place) and he did not behave in the best way, there is a reason why he was able to be so close to the bears as well as other animals. This movie is not a movie i like to dwell much on.

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Comment by jenleelin (06/07/10 09:53:36):
note: the first film was "Walking with Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia"