Reflection: Art Made for Non-Human Animals
The Dolphin Excursion-making a map
By Andrea Chase (06/07/10 00:37:55)
Related animal: Dolphin

The dolphin excursion out to Santa Barbara Channel was an extremely exciting experience. As we left the Harbor the day proved to be quite beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. It was an interesting ride weaving in and out of the notorious oil rigs parked in the middle of the channel. 45 minutes after departing we came upon a mega-pod of short-beaked dolphins. They were swimming throughout the water as far as the eye could see. We proceeded to go through various predetermined motions displaying differing levels of excitement, somewhat monitoring the dolphins reactions. The hydrophone's recording of the dolphin's noises was amazing. After following the dolphins for about 45 minutes we had to head home. I thought it would be quite interesting to track the motions of the boat with various symbols representing different stops, motions, meditations, and other interactions with the dolphins by using a gps satilite tracking system.

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